Flow With the Seasons: Attune Your Life to Nature

We have all heard it…and maybe even said, “New year, new me.” Only to allow the new year to settle in a few weeks or months and then forget every intention you set in the first place. What if, instead, we could practice living in flow with the seasons? Attuned to nature’s rhythms?

This is a judgment free zone and it’s natural to lose focus when you set your intentions only for one focal point of the year. So, no one is coming for you, but…Here’s something to consider: what if you practiced living in tune with the four seasons and allowed your life to flow in connection with the natural cyclical energies?

Because, if you really think about it…Seasons represent the chapters in this thing we call “the book of life.”

Did you see the first Sex in the City movie? Each new chapter of Carrie Bradshaw’s life was documented metaphorically through the seasons. The seasons are like this beautiful, hidden metaphor for the ever-changing states of being we experience in life.

So, excuse the Sex and the City reference . . . the ones who get it, get it!

I bet you’re wondering exactly how we do it? Keep reading for an annual guide to refresh, restore and rejuvenate your life by living in flow with the seasons.



Here’s How to Flow Your Life Into the Rhythm of the Four Seasons

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world today. According to the Gregorian calendar, our year begins in January. In the Northern hemisphere, January hosts the winter season. In the Southern hemisphere it is reversed, and summer is hosted in January.

More on this later. For now, let’s start with the season of new beginnings and explore how you can attune your body and life to live with the seasons.


Little bits of life and color are returning. The birds are humming a new tune. The grass begins to perk up again towards the sun and all of a sudden, things feel brighter.

Spring is the time for rebirth and creation. Go back with me to the previous reference of the Gregorian calendar. In the northern hemisphere winter starts the year. Which invertedly, encourages us to set new goals and intentions in a dying season.

That doesn’t seem the most conducive or supportive time. The true new year is in the spring!

To cultivate rebirth and creation to live in tune with the season, manifest the new life that is being created by you as the universe creates life all around you. This is the time to ask yourself what it is you truly desire to create into this year? If those original new year goals have slipped, this is a time to revisit them.

Maybe the perk of the sun and swing of the wind will shift you into the direction of purpose that you were searching for in the Winter. Allow this resurgence of energy and color to inspire your desires.

Light a flame in yourself to create a new beginning as you move alongside the universe by starting the process of creating a new beginning!

Have fun with this new beginning. Avoid judging yourself as you begin to take on a new shape.


Bloom baby, bloom!

After grounding and rooting yourself into new creations in the spring, you now have the honor of showcasing your flowers or products to live in tune with the season of summer.

This doesn’t mean you need a big project or tasks to complete to feel your inner bloom in summer. This is a time to embody your energy and essentially take credit where credit is due.

This is our season of confidence and conquering! Show this beautiful world what you are made of. Grow and flow in your confidence by dancing and singing as if no one is watching. Move your hips and become one with your divine feminine energy.

Recite empowering affirmations like “My light is as radiant as the sun. I am a bright and powerful being!”

This is about your honoring of your transitions and becoming your authentic, beautiful and evolved self. This energy will skip alongside you as the year progresses.

The energy was always there – now you just can’t help but feel it!

Want to understand the summer solstice on a deeper level? The Summer Solstice: What It Is and How to Celebrate This Special Time of Year



It’s harvest season! A time to live in season by planting your seeds. You are in this new glow of energy. You have a stronger and evolved sense of self. You are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually connecting to yourself, the seasons and Mother Earth.

Want to create an Autumn Equinox ritual? Check out Practice These 3 Fall Equinox Rituals to Bring Balance and Abundance to Your Life

Live in tune to the season of autumn by sewing your seeds, planting your gifts into the soil and allowing them to flourish. You were so intentionally and perfectly packaged to be you. To bring your energy into the world. Create change and inspire healing through your daily actions, movement, words and experiences.

You can do this by beginning to discover who you are in this world. What that means for you going forward and how you wish to show up in this way. Take the time to live in tune with this season by processing, reinvigorating your ideas and digging deep into your inner being.

Achieve this through intentional speech such as positive self talk or affirmations. Focus on two or three affirmations to recite daily that light a fire in you. Practicing intentional actions and behaviors such as meditation or journaling will also serve you.

Create actionable steps to align with your present intentions such as daily meditation or weekly journaling. This will also create an internal understanding of how to harness your energy by knowing when to protect it and when to provide it.

You’ll know because you will listen to your heart. You will notice when the rhythm changes and you can mindfully ask yourself, “Is this for me?”

Summer is to ‘be’ ….
Autumn adds the ‘come’
This is your time to become!

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The winter season represents a time for deep rest. A time for a pause to honor deep reflection. In the winter, we see the beauties of the world begin to die off. They have served their purpose and now are departing from the world.

The leaves shed in autumn are now deposits swallowing back into nature as fuel to reproduce again. After a birthing, comes a purging.

Nature is cleaning house and so should you…

Live in tune with the season of winter by reflecting on all the beautiful intricacies of the year. Reflect on the moments you felt growth in your inner being.

Once you reflect and identify the shifts you are experiencing, vocalize the changes you see around you and within yourself. Create space for the old to depart from you and the new to unite with you.

You may find yourself feeling more in need of rejuvenation in this season. The world has completed her rounds and had her way. Now it is time for you to have yours.

Spend your time resting and journaling. If journaling feels daunting for you, create a video of reflection or an artistic piece.

We create vision boards as we manifest what is coming. Create a reflection board as your release what has passed.

You may also choose to do nothing at all. To turn off your brain and give yourself permission to just be.

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Final Guidance on Living Your Life in Flow With the Seasons

The year is yours to do as you please. You get to decide ultimately what each season means to you and what space you will hold in each season. The purpose of this guide is to support you so you may calm your worries, confront your doubts and flow into your new beginnings by living in tune with the seasons.

Start using this seasonal living guide wherever you are in your journey and track your progress along the way. A year from now, come back to this guide on living in flow with the seasons and observe what resonates for you on a deeper level.

Invite the inspiration into your bones to align with your best and highest good by coordinating the season to the daily activities of your life. As there is no guide quite like the seasons themselves.

The seasons are the pictures in our book of life. They explain the words through feeling, love and shared experiences.

Be well my love and in season.

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